Automated Systems and Control for Robots


This programme identifies common methods of industrial automation. 

It describes the available technologies and explain how they are applied in manufacturing


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  • Able to understand automated systems.
  • Apply computer-integrated manufacturing.
  • Understand information technology. 
  • Able to distinguish between types of CNC program codes.
  • Able to understand industrial robots. 
  • Identify common coordinate systems.
  • Analyze relay ladder logic and identify common PLC hardware.
  • Able to explain material handling and identification systems.


  • Objectives &Automated Systems and Control
  • Computer-Integrated Manufacturing & Information Technology
  • CNC Programs
  • Robotics & Coordinate Systems
  • PLC Programs & PLC Hardware
  • Material Handling and Identification Systems
  • Networks & Management Information Systems
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

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