Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


This programme is designed to give participants in-depth knowledge of what marketing means in the digital world.

Learn how to identify the needs of and reach more customers, keep more customers engaged through effective engagement strategies, and determine the best metrics to accurately measure success.

Participants will be exposed to current practices in the digital marketing landscape via sessions with industry experts, peer discussions, a real-world case analysis, and more throughout the programme.


  • Digital Marketing: Social media channels with the right branding & campaigns.
  • Customer Engagement: Building loyalty, promotions, customer retention, and targeting.
  • Personal Branding: Create your professional persona online.
  • Entrepreneurship: Kick-off with a business startup after thorough market analysis.
  • Communication Skills: Contacting clients, suppliers, and partners.
  • Maintain legitimate databases.


  • Module 1 Transformation in Marketing
  • Module 2 Targeting Customers
  • Module 3 Reaching Customers: Digital Marketing Channels
  • Module 4 Engaging Customers: Social Media
  • Module 5 Measuring Success: Digital Marketing Metrics and ROI